what IS Crypto Reapers?

Crypto Reapers Nft & Gaming Co. is the next generation of p2e nft games, using the latest open source blockchain technology. Our first collection of 9,999 reapers will have p2e functionality for our upcoming meta game with tokenomics, in game asset rewards, staking and in store game purchases.

All 9,999 crypto reapers where randomly generated with many unique traits, such as weapons that can be used in our games, Cloaks for different levels and accessories to look clean when reaping souls!!!

Our upcoming p2e games will be powered by our $Souls token and smart contracts with nft gaming functionality.

(p2e game under construction)

crypto reapers and meta games!

Crypto Reapers is a Gaming Company using NFTs and Tokenomics as our main business strategy. Our NFT collection will grant you access to our meta games with p2e functionality.

The Next generation of NFT gaming with p2e functions, Our vision is to become one of the best community in decentralized, play-to-earn meta gaming.

Blockchain technology is powering the future of gaming, allowing players to trade, sell, and lease their in game assets through P2E Games & NFT’s.

With our upcoming games you will be able to Play, Trade, and Earn crypto anywhere at anytime.

(Hodler of 3 reaper Nfts, will get $SOULS token airdrop & a free Souls token Nft)

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Team Members

Our Amazing Team Members



Founder & Creator

Founder & Main Developer

Crypto entrepreneur, Investor, NFT & blockchain enthusiast, developer, artist. Over 15yrs experience on marketing and business building.



Co-founder & Investor

Investor and NFT art collector. crypto enthusiast, 10yrs experienced in business management, negotiating and implementing partnerships.


Head of Game Development

Game Developer

Experience tech game developer specializing in 2D game development.


Head Art Designer

Master Art Designer

Digital art enthusiast, master of vector graphics with mind-blowing ideas and design solutions.


Web Developer

Web Developer

Hi, This is Zakir Ullah A Professional Web Developer and WordPress Specialist, with 6yrs of experience.


Blockchain Developer

Web Developer

Hey fam, i'm a Professional blockchain & web developer for the past 7yrs. Expertise on smart contracts and p2e gaming technology with blockchain integrations. Investor, crypto miner & nft enthusiast.